Conference Program


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Keynote Speaker

1. Tokuro Matsuo, Ph.D.

Affiliation & Position:
Professor, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan

Integrating Cyber and Physical Environments in Consensus Formation

Nowadays, a lot of types of communication system to make consensus among people are provided. We can utilize these kinds of systems, such as Social network system, e-mail, and instant messenger system, to make a decision and determination through online discussion. In the next decade, we can forecast a lot of types of consensus formation systems are provided and we may find new communication systems integrating between cyber and physical environment.

In this talk, I introduce our conducted experiments using cyber-physical discussion environment in the panel discussion session in the conference. In the session, facilitator asks question to panelists about issues on the discussion and attendees can also do as well by their voice. Each attendee also can post and declare his/her opinions and suggestions through the online discussion system during the session. One or two facilitators facilitate the discussion in the online system as well as real discussion. We found out a lot of interesting results of attendees survey taken in before/after the experiments.

I also introduce the environment to provide useful information for attendees by the digital signage system in the conference venue. This digital signage system is connected to the attendees location capture system and conference registration system. These integrations between cyber and physical environments and data enable to make better consensus formation between all sorts of people.

Dr. Tokuro Matsuo is a full professor at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology since 2012. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Nagoya Institute of Technology in 2006.

He then joined the faculty of the Yamagata University, where he is an Associate Professor of Informatics until 2012. Currently, he is a Guest Professor at Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia; the Project Professor of Collective Intelligence Research Center at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan; a Research Fellow of SEITI in Central Michigan University, USA. He was a Visiting Professor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA from 2016-2017; a Visiting Researcher at University of California at Irvine, USA from 2010-2011; was a Research Fellow at Shanghai University, China from 2010 to 2013; and was the Project Professor of Green Computing Research Center at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan from 2011 to 2014.

His current research interests include electronic commerce and business, service science and marketing, business management, artificial intelligence, material informatics, tourism informatics, convention and event management research, and incentive design on e-services.

Some of his researches are presented in the top international conferences on AAAI, IEEE CEC, AAMAS, and WWW. He is a founder of IEEE International Conference on Agents in 2016 and International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics in 2012. He also chaired a lot of international conferences over 50, such as IEEE/ACIS SNPD 2009, 2012 and 2014, IEEE TENSYMP 2016, IEEE/ACIS ICIS 2010 and 2013, IEEE IWEA 2007-2012, ACAN 2005-2012, and AAI 2012-2017.

He served several academic services including Technical committee member of IEEE SMC CCI, Editor in chief of International Journal of Computer and Information Science, and Managing Editor of International Journal of Information Engineering Express, International Journal of Smart Computing and Artificial Intelligence, International Journal of Institutional Research and Management, and International Journal of Service and Knowledge Management.

He gave over 90 keynotes and invited talk at international conferences, symposia, and seminars in this decade. He also received over 20 awards and 30 research grants from research foundations, company and government.

He was/is also commissioned as the Vice President of International Association for Computer and Information Technology, USA; Vice President of Software Engineering Research Foundation, USA; Executive Director of International Institute of Applied Informatics, Japan; Japan Conference Ambassador; Kumamoto City MICE Ambassador; and Adviser of Information Promotion of Japan.